It’s not as simple as you think!


Did you know that before it can be used, horticulture yarn has to fulfil a series of technical requirements, which although seemingly simple, make all the difference in its performance? It’s not as simple as you think.

Features such as wear resistance, free fall capability, softness and flexibility, as well as stability in protection against UV rays, are all continuously researched and developed at EXPORPLÁS’ R&D department.


We are constantly seeking to improve the balance between the diverse properties which are decisive in the performance of our product range.

100% Recyclable


At this edition of GREENTECH AMSTERDAM, we will also present a vast range of products transversal to various sectors of activity, such as the EVOPACK range – an effective and environmentally friendly solution to protect your products.
Our EVOPACK range is not only multi-purpose, but also SUSTAINABLE.


Meet you there!