Pallet netting




The Evolution of Packaging:

Protect your products, sustainably.





Pallet netting is the ideal solution for the packaging of any product which requires air circulation to preserve its properties.


With a wide and diversified range of applications, it is frequently used forfruit, vegetables, grass, wood, flowers, etc


It guarantees the stability of the pallets without requiring the use of edgeboard protectors even over irregular surfaces.


  • Designed as a superior alternative to stretch film;
  • Produced from environmentally friendly Raw Materials;
  • Enables air circulation;
  • Highly elastic, resulting in a greater number of wrapped loads per roll;
  • Compatible with wrapping machines;
  • Full coverage across every edge and curve, highly suitable for irregular loads;
  • Maintains its tension;
  • Easy to handle.



Take action against plastic waste.


Today, it is seen as a superior alternative to traditional stretch film, being an incomparably more sustainable solution because less plastic is required to wrap a pallet.


100% recyclable.



A reduction of over 60% in plastic consumption.

Example: For each 100 tons of stretch film, you only need 40 tons of EVOPACK® to achieve the same performance.


Evopack® | The sustainable multiuse packaging solution for your products.