The adoption of the 14000 standard is viewed as an integral part of a rigorous environmental and energy management plan, which has been initiated and included in the short-term strategy of EXPORPLÁS. 

 In the spirit of the standard, we are equally concerned with the optimisation and management of our environmental impact. 

We are committed to contributing to the reduction of our business’ environmental impact in a positive, responsible and voluntary manner. 

We shape all our industrial processes to achieve better environmental practices, undertaking actions such as investing in clean energies, saving energy resources, separating and recycling wastes from production, as well as evaluating and monitoring machine noise at our facilities.



The aptly named “Clean Technology” is a part of the environmental strategy at EXPORPLÁS, which is being applied to the manufacturing process to increase production efficiency, as well as to reduce and minimise the environmental impact resulting from its production activity.

Simultaneously, it has achieved a competitive advantage by rationally using its resources. 



Recycling and reusing are integral tools in this new EXPORPLÁS project because waste represents economic and resource loss, as well as resulting in environmental pollution.

Therefore, EXPORPLÁS is committed to reducing its waste and prioritising the procedures which lead to reusing and recycling, in accordance with the best management practices.

Our products are 100% recyclable, and we have our own recycling unit which processes all the waste resulting from our production.

Relative to energy, we have installed a combined thermal and electrical unit, resulting in increased efficiency and minimum loss of essential resources. 



Currently in the process of adopting the 14000 Environmental Management Standard;

100% recyclable products.