EXPORPLÁS, established in 1981, is a global company specialized in the combination of extrusion technology with polymer processing technology in the development and production of industrial products for different segments, such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishing, Packaging, Construction and Artificial grass.

Being a global leader is an everyday challenge and at EXPORPLÁS we work hard to maintain our reputation. Our highly skilled and talented people, along with strong investments in the latest manufacturing technologies, ensure quality at the highest level. As a result, we are one of the most integrated companies in the industry, mastering each step of the production process.

There are several aspects to be considered during the manufacturing process. And we control all the aspects of the value chain. Nothing is left to a third party. Nothing is left to chance. This provides you with a level of quality assurance that simply cannot be matched.

Our products are manufactured at our very own facility in Portugal. This facility uses exclusive state-of-the-art technology, used only by EXPORPLÁS. It enables us to produce the best products in the world. Extensive quality control processes are in place at the facility to conduct rigorous testing of the different properties (tensile strength, elongation, uniformity, colour verification, UV).

Over three decades of innovation have led to the development of the reliable EXPORPLÁS portfolio. EXPORPLÁS has introduced engineered products which are tailor-made for each segment of the business and owns more than 200 formulations which protect the company’s product offering for different applications.

All EXPORPLÁS products are tested using the latest equipment in the EXPORPLÁS Innovation and Performance Centre.  Located at the company’s headquarters, the Centre ensures that all existing and new EXPORPLÁS products set superior standards for performance in their respective applications.

The state-of-the-art facility is the most advanced production facility in the industry. EXPORPLÁS’ development focuses on delivering safe, durable, and high-performance products with great value. 

Since 2015, the EXPORPLÁS divisions have been organised at a global scale, with a higher degree of technical interaction. This structure brings more focus to key markets and specialised operating customers.

Additionally, EXPORPLÁS has launched an ECO-Programme designed to reduce the environmental footprint of its global operation, to safeguard and preserve the environment.


  • 300 skilled and talented people;
  • Multi-disciplinary teams;
  • State-of-the-art production facility equipped to manufacture more than 40 million Kg of products each year;
  • Control quality chain from A to Z;
  • 45 000 m2 of production facilities;
  • High-speed machines with precision systems and fast throughput;
  • New investments in capacity and technical possibilities;
  • State-of-the-art packaging & wrapping system;
  • Passionate about Polymer extrusion.