Since our foundation in 1981, EXPORPLÁS has been a global leader in the combination of extrusion technology with polymer processing technologies to create high-quality industrial products. We serve a variety of sectors, including Agriculture, Horticulture, Fishing, Packaging, Construction, and Artificial Grass.

Our highly qualified team and cutting-edge technologies, exclusively used by Exporplás, ensure our products maintain the highest quality in the market.

Internally, we control over every step of the manufacturing process. Nothing is entrusted to third parties, ensuring you, as our customer, an unrivalled degree of quality.

All our products are manufactured and tested at our very own facility in Portugal. We have implemented stringent quality control processes, allowing the testing of various properties, from tensile strength to colour verification and UV resistance.

Our commitment to quality and innovation is visible by the Exporplás Innovation and Performance Center, ensuring that all our products set the benchmark for performance in their respective applications.

Furthermore, our dedication to Nature forms the foundation of all our processes. For us, each product we craft and every solution we develop are expressions of the deep reverence we hold for the natural world. It is upon this vision that we align the production of each item with the intent to preserve, protect, and nourish the world around us.

EXPORPLÁS represents a successful fusion of experience, innovation, quality, and environmental commitment, and we look forward to building the future with you.

More than 300 skilled professionals

Multidisciplinary teams

Cutting-edge facility producing over 40 million Kg annually

Full control of quality from A to Z

50 000 m2 of own production facilities

High-speed machines with precision system

New investments in capacity and technical possibilities

State-of-the-art packaging & wrapping system