R1 GEN2.0

At Exporplás SA, we don’t just rest on our past successes but continually strive to innovate and exceed your expectations.

The R1 GEN2.0 Baler Twine offers unbeatable strength and versatility for all your baling needs.

Engineered to withstand extreme baling conditions and temperatures, our twine excels in high-density straw, hay, and silage applications.

Outperforming other solutions on the market, R1 GEN2.0 produces denser bales, maximizing your yield per bale. This means more productivity, reduced costs, and smoother operations all around.

Are you ready to achieve more with less?

Compatible with both Ultra HD and HD Baler Machines, it is the ultimate choice for durability and efficiency, giving you the best return on your investment.

Experience the superior performance of R1 GEN2.0 – the next generation of baler twine.